Victoria Rowena Browne

Victoria Browne’s artistic practice draws on methods of post-production and formalism in painting to explore post-digital print processes. In her role as Associate Professor of Print and Publishing, she is researching a hybrid process of CNC routing reduction to multi-plate printmaking.

The culture of use has previously relied on print’s imitating properties to reproduce, repeat and multiply the original as copy material. Today in an era of post-production, Browne's artistic research attempts to re-interpret this definition, to master the qualities innate in print as a medium of creative expression and recontexualisation.

Her artists’ books and prints are held in international collections. After ten years representing European-based artists’ publications as KALEID editions. Browne established an academic framework to foster publishing as an artistic practice at Kunsthøgskolen i Oslo.

Her research is supported by KUF funding and published on KhiOs database

Training Nature. Transforming Reduction into Multi-Plate Relief Prints
Studio research:

KALEID 2017 Artists' Publishing Exhibition
KALEID 2017 Oslo. Artists' Publishing Archive
KALEID 2017 Oslo. Artists' Publishing Seminar, Exhibition, Publishing Fair and Archive. KUF Report

KALEID 2016. Artists' Book Seminar
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KALEID 2016 Oslo. Artists' Books Exhibition