Councils and committees

To ensure academic cooperation and a productive learning environment internally, and to promote cooperation between the Academy and external work environments, Oslo National Academy of the Arts has instituted several councils and committees.

Student Council

The Student Council is the highest student body at Oslo National Academy of the Arts to be elected by the students themselves.

The Student Council is made up from members of the student committees for the various fields of study:

  • Design
  • Art and Craft
  • The Academy of Fine Art
  • Performing arts (Academy of Opera, Academy of Dance, and Academy of Theatre)

Student Council 2016–2017

  • Miriam Ekeholt, leader, email:
  • Aksel Hauklien, deputy leader

Student committees


  • Christian Hartvig Henriksen, leader
  • Karoline Bækkevold Bakke, deputy leader

Art and Craft

  • Miriam Ekeholt, leader

Academy of Fine Art

  • Aksel Octavius Norreen Hauklien, leader

Academy of Dance

  • Sebastian Boing, leader

Academy of Opera

  • Marcela Randem, leader
  • Victoria Randem, deputy leader

Academy of Theatre

  • Simen Formo, leader
  • Iver Innset, deputy leader

Student residence officer

  • Henrik Nordahl

Board representatives

Students also elect two representatives to the board of the Academy.