Galleri Seilduken: Sensation Sensation

Phoebe-Lin Elnan 3. års bachelorstudent i medium- og materialbasert kunst med fordjuping i tekstil, opnar utstilling på Galleri Seilduken torsdag 23. mars, klokka 19.00.

Utstillingsopning torsdag 23.03 klokka 19:00 – 21:00. Open fredag-lørdag, klokka 13:00 – 16:00.
Galleri Seilduken, 4. etg, fossveien 24.

He leaves


He is prevented

(from returning)

He returns


He resumes his life


Leave again

Start again

Seeking a quiet wave.

Surrounded by the storm,

It stops.

The waves are stable and soft,

They whisper:


Returning to familiar places brings no novelty.

Carried by the wind,


It brings back to the beginning

Start again.

They're chasing her.

Return and return and return to the past

Head to the future,

Where all is better,

Or at least not known.