“The chair remains empty / But the place is set”

Om prosjektet:
In Jeremiah Day’s project “The chair remains empty / But the place is set,” Hannah Arendt’s affirmative argument for council democracy is taken up as a narrative and conceptual lens to consider recent events like the Gezi Park demonstration and the withered tradition of townhall democracy in New England. While Arendt is best known for her description of “the banality of evil,” what is less discussed is her late work concretely arguing for the principal of councils as the basis for a renewal of public life and a “new concept of the state.” Day will introduce this particular approach to Arendt’s work, drawn from his work with Fred Dewey, show material from his performances and photography, and wrestle with that “silence” mentioned in the Arendt quote above.

Prosjektleder: Jeremiah Day

Mer informasjon: http://khio.no/en/events/492
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