Sicherheit / Curious in Brown

Om prosjektet:

The film "Sicherheit" takes the temperature of a number of current issues linked to the changing self-image of Sweden. The film considers an inherent contradiction in the liberal West, and Sweden more specifically, in relation to its policies toward conflict in the outside world. Sweden has one of the largest weapons industries in the world when measured per capita, and under the nonalignment principle is able to sell weapons to cover the national defense budget. The sociologist Zygmunt Bauman uses the term “sicherheit”—the German word for “safety”—when describing how safety solutions build false trust, which paradoxically leads to an increased need for safety, and thus creates constant conflict escalation. In the film Sicherheit, the camera moves across a specific geography of places and voices that map out how the quest for safety is an underlying driving force in society. It creates a circular movement between one’s own safety, involuntary migration and weapon export. Directors: Saskia Holmkvist, Ellen Nyman and Corina Oprea.

Prosjektleder: Saskia Holmkvist

Forskningsresultat: Se i vitenarkivet