Sit on a stone rather than a pillow

Sit on a stone rather than a pillow is a group exhibition featuring the MA1 students from the department of Art and Craft.

Vernissage: Friday 6 April 17:00-20:00
Opening hours: Saturday 7 April 12:00-17:00, Sunday 8 April 12:00-17:00

Some of history’s greatest achievements have been a result of individuals or groups placing themselves in challenging situations or environments that force innovation. Sit on a stone rather than a pillow is a call to self-imposed discomfiture. This exhibition consists of a collection of (staged and impromptu) contradictions and correlations, and is a product of travelling a number of uncomfortable pathways.

Eyvind Solli Andreassen / Md Wahiduzzaman Bhuian / Nina Björkendal / Ask Bjørlo / Ingibjörg Guðmundsdóttir / Olaf Tønnesland Hodne / Ida Immonen / Thomas Iversen / Magdalena Kotkowska / Jamie Kroeger / Cathrine Alice Liberg / Klaus Lindbak / Erika Reed / Mingrui Sun / Suzannah Rehell Øistad / Geir Backe Altern / Lucia Fiorani / Xihan Zhai / Elina Nilsson / MAPS1