The Harvest Breed

In The Harvest Breed Kier Cooke Sandvik combines photography and sculpture to conjure a place; a farm with an adjoining forest, the animals, tools, bodies and artefacts that occupy it.

wool of loved ones/a loved one
loved ones
everyday violent care and necessity
violence or care
animals, bodies
gathering moss in the forest
birth, burial
lamb in diapers sleeping in my bed with me; in my garden, running around the house
mystery, power, terror, love(, care, necessity)
farm life
tools i can use, tools i can’t, tools i can’t identify
harvest leftovers; wool of loved ones; dull blades; things that have been in the ground for a long time
objects that hold unnamed power
charged but yet to be cast/waiting to be cast

All photos and materials are from the farm where Kier Cooke Sandvik worked for nearly four years. He is currently a 2BA-student at KHiO’s Academy of Fine Arts.