Galleri Seilduken: Original Copy

Seven MA1 students from the specialisation MA1 Printmaking and Drawing, Medium- and Materialbased Art, will show their work.

This is not an exhibition of artworks. Rather, it is a sort of diary, opened to a page in the middle, on its way somewhere but not yet arrived. It's a book launch and a book-burning. It's a plunge into the archives of artistic practices and institutions that may show us something about the structures we work with and against, and a few of the ways print media can be engaged in a contemporary context. We wish to facilitate the collection and distribution of different versions of the histories, lies, and apparent realities that protect and betray us equally in turn, and that perhaps exist in the spaces between each of us. We are seven participants from the MA1 cohort of Printmaking and Drawing; from Norway, Sweden, Finland, Bangladesh, and the USA. Our shared history is convening at Galleri Seilduken at Kunsthøgskolen i Oslo.

Ida Immonen // Md Wahiduzzaman Buhian // Thomas Iversen, //Erika Reed // Cathrine Alice Liberg // Suzannah Rehell Øistad // Nina Björkendal.