Viva Voce

Viva Voce: Eva-Cecilie Richardsen

Choreographer and Research Fellow Eva-Cecilie Richardsen will defend her research work "Exhibiting Choreography – exploring transmission across disciplines and discourses" at the presentation at Oslo National Academy of the Arts.

Exhibiting Choreography – exploring transmission across disciplines and discourses

During her fellowship, Richardsen has examined questions regarding work demarcation, autonomy, chronology and perception of space through extensive research and cross-aesthetic experiments. Through her method « Speaking & Building », she has found a structurally consistent and poetic way to address conditions of production and creation where the emphasis lies on uncovering/making visible process-oriented strategies rather than finished works.

The project facilitates an extended choreographic practice not limited to the dancing body, but which includes text and dialogue-based work between dancers and choreographers, as well as interventions into other fields like film, visual art and architecture. Richardsen repeats elements and motifs in the various branches of the project, and challenges established dualisms like production/mediation, performance/exhibition, document/event, and documentation/performance. Images, events and concepts are displaced and circulate across different media, materials, and bodies. Thus Richardsen enables displacement of time and meaning, and opens up for new readings. She emphasizes process and conception over being and finished form.

Double Room (2013) is part of a series of material studies made witin the research project Exhibiting Choreography - exploring transmission across disciplines and discourses.
Choreography: concept, space, editing, sculptural interventions: Eva-Cecilie Richardsen
Photographer: Marthe Vold
Dancer: Marianne Kjærsund

The event comprises photographs, video works, installation, text, performative documentation and a photo publication.

Eva-Cecilie Richardsen (b. 1970) is educated at in dance from Oslo National Academy of the Arts. Her practice revolves around an interest in choreography as analytical competence and structural capacity with a focus on hierarchies in movement and language. Richardsen has created and produced more than 30 performances since 1997.


  • Synne Bull
  • Boel Christensen-Scheel

Evaluation committee

  • Jeremy Welsh, chair, professor
  • Jeroen Fabius
  • Snelle Hall

Result of artistic research work

Art works, documentation and reflection.

The publications are supported by Arts Council Norway